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T he real crime revealed in the hillary clinton emails sent from her private server has been carefully covered up, at least until now it is a criminal conspiracy–yes, a real conspiracy–to. Hillary clinton’s top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future white house chief of staff to the first female us president, for a decade edited a radical muslim publication that. Despite mounting evidence of close ties between the muslim brotherhood and huma abedin, secretary of state clinton’s close aide, republican congressional leaders — particularly senator john.

It turns out the journal of muslim minority affairs is an abedin family business huma was an assistant editor there between 1996 and 2008 her brother, hassan, 45, is a book-review editor. 'i'm so proud to be an american muslim': hillary's closest aide huma abedin proclaims her islamic faith as she attacks ben carson in high-profile twitter debut. Qureshi was born on 28 july 1986 into a muslim family in new delhi, india her father, saleem qureshi, is a huma qureshi, with her gaudy clothes,. Huma abedin, the formidable, ever-present campaign vice-chairwoman of the clinton campaign, has been called everything from hillary clinton’s “body woman” to a muslim brotherhood agent, from.

Wnd was first to report huma’s mother, saleha abedin, was the official representative of naseef’s terror-stained muslim world league in the 1990s shoebat previously reported that as one of. Here's how huma abedin went from an intern to hillary clinton's closest confidante called the journal of muslim minority affairs. The head of the soros-funded center for american progress (cap) is defending controversial state department official huma abedin, a top aide to secretary of state hillary clinton who is. Political insider james o'keefe explains how the hillary campaign wants illegals to flood the country before the election help us spread the word about the l.

Allegations spreading on the world wide web that hillary clinton's aide and state department deputy chief of staff, huma abedin, has ties to the muslim brotherhood. Weiner's in-laws and the secret muslim brotherhood connections revealed walid shoebat and ben barrack was mrs weiner (huma abedin), the deputy chief of staff to hillary clinton unaware. A vote for hillary clinton for president would also be a vote for the muslim brotherhood, saudi arabia, al-qaeda and the complete destruction of the united states of america, a propaganda. Huma mahmood abedin (born july 28, is huma abedin’s muslim faith her fatal flaw with anthony weiner that's not the islam i know the washington post. Sharifa alkhateeb was a friend of huma abedin’s and hillary clinton’s but she died of cancer in 2004 she referred to herself as a feminist and was an advocate for establishing muslim.

Huma mahmood abedin (born july 28, 1976) is an american political staffer who was vice chair of hillary clinton's 2016 campaign for president of the united statesprior to that, abedin was. 1 proof: huma has ties to muslim brotherhood – countless documents surface introduction media figures and politicians alike have demanded “proof” regarding congresswoman michele. Media in the west, especially those in the united states, has been recently focusing coverage on one other american female politician: huma abedin, the director of hillary clinton's. You are here: home / a worldwide marxist revolution / anthony weiner, his muslim brotherhood-connected wife huma abedin and hillary clinton.

  • It has become widely known that huma abedin is connected directly to the muslim brotherhood as it turns out, she has been secretly recording meetings with hillary clinton and some of the.
  • Daughter of saleha mahmood abedin, a pro-sharia sociologist with ties to numerous islamist organizations including the muslim brotherhood longtime assistant to hillary clinton.

As the masthead of this 1996 issue of the journal of muslim minority affairs shows, huma abedin was an assistant editor at journal. A wisconsin representative earned a four-pinocchio rating from the washington post for claiming that huma abedin has ties to the muslim brotherhood and served as the editor of “a sharia. As secretary of state, women’s-rights champ hillary clinton not only spoke at a saudi girls school run by her top aide huma abedin’s ­anti-feminist mother. A controversy surrounding huma abedin, the longtime aide of democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton, stemming from an email allegedly written to abedin’s brother hassan began making.

Huma muslim
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